All vehicle manufacturers have varying service intervals. In some cases intervals between servicing can be as much as 20,000 km. This is dependent on several factors the most important being that the correct lubricant is used to last between these extended intervals.

At Autoace we endeavour to service vehicles as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We also stock a comprehensive range of all the lubrication products required to ensure the correct specification is being used. We have specialist diagnostic equipment on-site to check vehicle systems for correct function and carrying out any software updates that  may be required.

Late Model Servicing

On most late model vehicles, services alternate between minor services (basically oil and filter changes with safety checks and inspections) and maintenance services which normally include replacement of additional filters such as air and fuel filters and periodically the cabin dust filter. Also at set mileage intervals and limited life the brake fluid and coolant will need to be changed, these are normally at two and three year intervals respectively.

Transmission services are due at varying intervals usually upwards of 60,000 km and spark plugs at 80,000 km however this does vary between manufacturers and we will advise you before carrying out these services.

Older Model Servicing

On older vehicles we take a different approach as sticking to the manufacturers recommendations becomes less viable hence we tailor servicing to provide cost effective yet sufficient maintenance to maintain the vehicle in good reliable shape.

Any additional work required found during routine servicing is documented by the Les and discussed with the customer before proceeding.